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In addition to the mine's direct operations, its estimated that the Bokan-Dotson Ridge project would create 150 indirect and induced jobs in Alaska, paying out an additional $8 million per year, according to a January 2013 report prepared by the McDowell Group, "Bokan Mountain Rare Earth Element Mine Impact Study." Indirect jobs include transportation and other mine support services.
[1] CmecapeB, Mine Rock Mechanics and Mine Support, Fuel Industry Press, Beijing, China, 1954.
In underground coal mines (UCMs), among the types of mine accidents (e.g., seismicity, mine support deterioration, dust explosions, and mine collapse), the most frequent cause of accidents is mine collapse [3].
The aforementioned statistics indicate that coal mining is of pivotal significance in Pakistan but the local coal mine support system does not meet the international standards (Plate 1 and 2).
Additionally, Yenyeya and Pubeortaaba mining groups have also been jointly fined $10,000 for not having blast time notices in the Gbane community, where they own concessions which Shaanxi Company operates by providing mine support services.
She has developed her business with the university's Business Mine support and is now selling her designs online.