mining engineering

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mining engineering:

see engineeringengineering,
profession devoted to designing, constructing, and operating the structures, machines, and other devices of industry and everyday life. Types of Engineering

The primary types of engineering are chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, and mechanical.
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mining engineering

[′mīn·iŋ ‚en·jə′nir·iŋ]
Engineering concerned with the discovery, development, and exploitation of coal, ores, and minerals, as well as the cleaning, sizing, and dressing of the product. Also known as mineral engineering.
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He then joined nearby Inspiration Copper and worked as mine engineer and foreman of their underground block caving operations.
Government geologists and mine engineers have temporarily relocated 12 families from the vicinity of an old tunnel outlet that began discharging an unusually high volume of water last week in the Benguet mining town of Itogon.
The NanoSteel Co., a supplier of coating technologies, recently highlighted an installation in which inside diameter (I.D.)-clad wear pipe in a uranium mine has been projected to last more than 17 years by mine engineers, saving the customer an estimated $1 million or more in replacement costs.
They turned to William Coulson, of the North-East Institute of Mine Engineers, for help.
Ratu Inoke said mining engineering was new to Fiji and it would be best if aspiring mine engineers from Fiji receive tertiary education in Kazhakstan.