Mineral Raw Materials, All-Union Institute of

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Mineral Raw Materials, All-Union Institute of


a scientific research institute of the Ministry of Geology of the USSR. It was founded as the Institute of Applied Mineralogy by a 1918 decree of the Council of People’s Commissars, signed by V. I. Lenin. The main divisions are those of sectorial geology, mineralogy, technology, and analysis of mineral raw materials.

The work of the All-Union Institute of Mineral Raw Materials is devoted to the study, expansion, and improvement of the raw-material base of ferrous metallurgy and the numerous sectors of nonferrous metallurgy. The institute develops the scientific foundations for geological forecasting and prospecting, the exploration and comprehensive evaluation of ore deposits, problems of genetic and applied mineralogy, and the analysis and technology of mineral raw materials. It publishes the collections MineraVnoe syr’e (Mineral Raw Materials), Rentgenografiia minerarnogo syr’ia (Roentgenography of Mineral Raw Materials), Metody khimicheskogo analiza minerarnogo syr’ia (Methods of Chemical Analysis of Mineral Raw Materials), and Geologiia mestorozhdenii redkikh elementov (Geology of Deposits of Rare Elements).


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