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(naval architecture)
A ship specially designed and equipped to remove or destroy underwater mines.
Heavy road roller pushed in front of a tank, to destroy land mines by exploding them.
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a warship intended for the detection and destruction of naval mines with the aid of sweeps and for conducting warships behind the sweeps.

Minesweepers are subdivided into the following categories: fleet minesweepers, which escort warships at sea and sweep in areas far from their own bases; coastal and inshore minesweepers, which sweep in their own waters; motorboat minesweepers, which sweep in roadsteads and coastal areas; and river minesweepers, which sweep mines and escort ships in rivers.

Large minesweepers have a displacement of up to 800 tons and a speed of 15–20 knots. Such minesweepers are equipped with powerful engines, sonar and television for mine detection, and equipment for towing the sweeps. The main armament of minesweepers consists of various types of sweeps, the use of which depends on the type of mines the enemy has laid. For self-defense, minesweepers are armed with small-caliber antiaircraft guns.

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By the end of war that total included two cruisers, 17 destroyers, 68 frigates, 112 corvettes, 67 minesweepers, 12 escort ships, 75 Fairmile motor launches, 9 motor torpedo boats, and 12 armoured yachts.
implementing iAds expanded our Know-How for subsequent projects and allowed us to distribute Minesweeper Tournament at no charge."
If the company has not made the necessary improvements to its contract by December 8, the Navy will start the procedure to cancel the agreement with Ching Fu for the minesweepers, the Central News Agency reported.
As regards the system's ability to defuse different types of mines, including acoustic, limpet (also magnetic) and pressure-activated mines, Jarreh stated, "We are using specific minesweepers for defusing each type of mines, but this (newly unveiled) system can clear one or two types of naval mines simultaneously."
Many minesweepers were named after villages ending in ton.
The find came while three Navy minesweepers were on a coastal mapping mission.
Minesweeper tender Uraga (MST 463) can operate one MH-53E Sea Dragon, and support ships Hamana (AOE 424) and Towada (AOE 422) have helo capabilities.
The Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) minesweeper Uraga returned Monday to its home base in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture after delivering supplies to Afghan refugees in Pakistan.
The three vessels to be dispatched anew are the destroyer ''Sawagiri'' at the MSDF's Sasebo base in Nagasaki Prefecture, the supply ship ''Towada'' from the Kure base in Hiroshima Prefecture and the minesweeper tender ''Uraga'' from the Yokosuka base in Kanagawa Prefecture.
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Leading Seaman Bill Palmer, 57, from Caerphilly, and Warrant Officer Kevin Rowan, 53, from Pontypridd, were both awarded clasps to their Volunteer Reserve Service Medals in a ceremony aboard HMS Ramsey when the minesweeper visited Barry.