Mini USB

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Mini USB

The small USB socket found on digital cameras, external hard drives, USB hubs and other equipment. Mini USB is much smaller than USB Type A and B but twice as thick as Micro USB (see illustration below). Mini USB and all other USB connectors are expected to be superseded by USB Type C. See Micro USB, USB Type C, USB 3.0 and USB.

Mini-B Is Widely Used
Digital cameras typically have a Mini-B USB socket for the Mini-B/Type-A cable that plugs into the computer or hub.

Sockets on a Hub
This Belkin hub, which plugs into a wall outlet for power, is connected to the computer by a Mini-B/Type A cable. It provides four Type A ports for peripherals but adds only three because one Type A port on the computer is used to connect the hub.

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Additionally, the Echo Phonz BT 500 comes with FM, mini USB charging interface and a micro SD slot of upto 16GB.
In addition, the tablet includes a selection of built-in ports, including Mini USB, Micro HDMI and a Micro SD card slot, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Adobe Flash support and integrated GPS.
The projector comes in a package that includes a mini tripod, remote control VGA/composite combo cable, mini USB cable, and AC adapter.
A universal, all-in-one mini USB port is placed on the side, above the volume/zoom keys and the handsfree cable is equipped with a 3.
Communication to the IDEA Drive via a USB to mini USB.
A secondary monitor requires a separate power or an additional video card, but the Lilliput Mini USB Monitor only uses a single USB connection from your computer to give you an instant high-resolution secondary display.
There are a few of these clip-on chargers, but this is by far the best, offering twice the battery life of the iPhone itself while also being able to power-up other devices using a built-in mini USB.
It comes with a 400MHz processor, 128MB RAM, 1GB NAND Flash storage and a seven-inch analog screen, 80-key keyboard, SD card slot, VGA port, two USB ports, and a mini USB port in addition to two audio ports.
Built around a Palm TX hand-held computer, data transfer to a PC for analysis, documentation and printing is handled via a built-in mini USB connector.
Standard ports include one mini USB, one headphone line-out, one microphonein, and one docking connector.
Cabe senalar que el fabricante celebro sus 20 anos de existencia en el mundo y casi ocho en este pais, con un torneo de golf para su canal y presento una tarjeta Flash en formato microSD de 2GB con contenido musical precargado y un DataTraveler Mini USB con capacidad de 4GB.
The card is equipped with an industry standard 37 pole DSUB connector and a mini USB device connector.