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Many people are unaware of the legalities regarding the use of mini-motos or go-peds and officers have issued the following advice.
Chief Inspector Chris Lewis said: "We receive a lot of complaints from the public about improper and nuisance use of mini-moto. Some of the problem stems from parents buying the bikes without considering the practicalities of where and when they can be ridden.
Mr Simon has previously raised the menace of mini-motos in the streets and parks of Birmingham in the House of Commons.
At pounds 400 a pop, buying a mini-moto is the act of a man who has, quite literally, more money than sense.
Coun Tracey Dixon, lead member for Community Safety and Area Management at South Tyneside Council, said: "Mini-moto bikes and quad bikes are not toys.
Brierley Hill scrap metal company, Masons, worked alongside local police and crushed the mini-moto which had been taken from the teens, aged between 15 and 17.
Falkirk teenager Tim Hastings will be on the grid as well and he said: "I saw the bike racing on TV and mini-motos at a bike show.
A man was later seized using CS gas, on suspicion of riding a stolen mini-moto and escaping from lawful custody.
FOR some people the sound of summer is the roar of mini-motos ridden by youngsters.
THE dad of a boy killed riding a mini-moto is backing the Mirror campaign to ban the off-road bikes.
A new crackdown on yobs who cause misery to communities by illegally riding "mini-moto" scooters was launched today.
MINI-MOTO riders face a maxi penalty - getting their bikes crumpled in a crusher.