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a city in Cheliabinsk Oblast, RSFSR, administered through the Asha city soviet. The city is located in the southern Urals, on the Sim River at its confluence with the Min’iar in the Kama basin. Min’iar is a station on the Ufa-Cheliabinsk railroad line. A metal products plant operates in the city. The settlement of Min’iar arose during the second half of the 18th century and became a city in 1943.

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Ordnance spec round 220-grain .525 pre-patched bullets backed by 75 grains of GOEX FFFg blackpowder, and I also tried out some period-style 425-grain .54 Minies cast from a Lyman mold, to see just how well they'd work.
The standard .58-caliber cartridge was based around a 3-groove Minie bullet, weighing 500 grains, propelled by 60 or 65 grains of musket powder, producing a velocity of 950 fps.
Just about everyone into gun and/or Civil War lore is familiar with the hollow-based bullet designed by Capitaine Claude Etienne Minie that revolutionized warfare, but prior to his development there were other Frenchmen who also came along with some clever ideas.
For rifles, I currently cast 6.5mm on the small side, up to .58 caliber Minie balls for a replica Civil War rifle musket.
Newcomer Christophe Minie plays Johnny, the adolescent leader of a ragtag band of soldiers sent on a mission to an unnamed African city.
It wasn't until the mid-19th century and the development of the Minie projectile that riflery became a universal realization.
Oddly, both the musket and rifle were of a rifled 58 caliber utilizing the then new "Minie ball" projectile.
During its tenure as a muzzleloader it fired three types of bullets--the first a top-shaped projectile, the second a compression bullet and the third a Minie Ball.
Car maker BMW has given the Mini its most radical overhaul, creating the electric MiniE.
Using a metal detector, I've found Minie bullets, slugs and musket balls, but never anything like this.