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small transverse fluteflute,
in music, generic term for such wind instruments as the fife, the flageolet, the panpipes, the piccolo, and the recorder. The tone of all flutes is produced by an airstream directed against an edge, producing eddies that set up vibrations in the air enclosed in the
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 pitched an octave higher than the standard flute. Its tone is bright and shrill, and it can produce the highest notes in the orchestral range. The piccolo is used in orchestras and especially in military bands. See fifefife,
small transverse flute with six to eight finger holes adopted for military music by Swiss regiments serving in France in the late 15th cent. The fife was used in the British army until the end of the 19th cent. The piccolo has largely replaced the fife in modern use.
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in any family of musical instruments, the one that is smallest, and highest in pitch (piccolo flute, piccolo domra, and so forth). The term usually refers to the smallest flute.


a woodwind instrument, the smallest member of the flute family, lying an octave above that of the flute
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Moukarzel has turned Minime Production into one of the biggest names in the photo production industry in the region and worldwide, implementing new styles.
Notizie minime sopra gli spacciatori di felicita, opera prima di Idolo Hoxhvogli, giovane scrittore gia presente in numerose riviste italiane e internazionali.
Dans un premier temps, en ce qui concerne la relation entre le support (papier/ecran) et la comprehension en lecture, nous pouvons constater qu'il existe une relation positive entre le support ecran et la comprehension chez un seul sujet (Geraldine) et une relation positive minime entre le support ecran et la comprehension chez un seul sujet egalement (Penelope).
Dubbing them "minimes," Hicks considers these small linear pieces (often fashioned on looms wrought from stretcher bars) to be daily meditations.
Prin urmare, Adunarea invita statele membre sa creeze conditiile necesare pentru participarea tinerilor in viata civica, prin educatie si promovarea impicarii in comunitate, sa studieze posibilitatea de scadere a varstei de vot la 16 ani in toate tarile si pentru toate tipurile de alegeri si sa examineze posibilitatea de reducere a varstei minime de eligibilitate pentru a candida pentru toate tipurile de alegeri (locale, regionale, parlament, senat, presedintie), ori de cate ori acest lucru este considerat adecvat (4).
LDP THE Liverpool councillor who put it to Lib-Dems leader Nick Clegg, at their conference in the city over the weekend, that he was in danger of becoming a "minime Conservative", was undoubtedly articulating the thoughts of many who feel betrayed after casting their votes for the party last May.
(IRI), Chicago, Illinois, et compilees par Quick Frozen Foods International pour refleter les estimations des ventes pour Wal-Mart et les autres detaillants dont IRI ne rend pas compte, la croissance de la vente au detail etait minime en volume mais pas en valeur.
The 38 boarding gates are contained in a soaring treble-height pier, with a further 26 docked on to the satellite building (a sort of 'minime' version of the terminal), which is linked to the main complex by underground shuttle.
Principalement concu a l'intention des enfants des pays en voie de developpement et de personnes ayant des defaillances au niveau du systeme immunitaire, ce nouveau vaccin presente l'avantage de pouvoir etre produit a un cout minime. De plus, contrairement aux vaccins deja existants pour cette maladie, la nature synthetique du vaccin reduit les effets secondaires possibles.
MiniMe star Verne Troyer's a wee man with a big ego
Malgre une abondance de noms d'auteurs signalas ici et la, on n'accorde qu'une place minime aux contributions fondamentales de chercheurs en etudes culturelles comme Raymond Williams et surtout de Stuart Hall sur l'identite culturelle (darts The Real Me: Post-Modernism and the Question of Identity, London: Institute of Contemporary Arts, 1987), travaux pourtant publies dans le pays voisin de la France.
Chem Resist Europe has launched Flowline's new LU12-14 "MiniMe" ultrasonic transmitter.