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motor vehicle whose design is based on the bicycle. The German inventor Gottlieb Daimler is generally credited with building the first practical motorcycle in 1885. The motorcycle did not become dependable and popular, however, until after 1900.
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THE number of minimoto bikes has risen by more than 10 times in recent years.
Police are also advising parents against buying minimotos as presents for their children this Christmas - unless they have a safe and legal place to ride.
Minimoto bikes keep hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons after police said they should not be used on roads and pavements.
Alan gives away 15 minimoto bikes each year to kids he thinks have the promise and determination to make it in the world of motor sport.
Adds Venerable EnduroCross, MiniMoto SX Events and MiniMoto Magazine -
The safety campaign comes two years after Jonathan Payne, 17, a former Gosforth High School pupil, died when his minimoto collided with a bus.
THE Home Office in Britain has launched a crackdown on so called minimoto scooters after police reported that youngsters riding them recklessly are creating a menace.
An online advertising campaign, linked to minimoto websites, will also warn riders about antisocial behaviour and the consequences.
The club will stage games including four-a-side minimoto football and there will be a special area for younger or inexperienced riders to work on their skills.
family racers Pete Ravenscroft and son Joe in protective racing gear on their Minimoto bikes battling Joe Ravenscroft (left) racing against rivals on a track in Newark, Nottinghamshire abroad Pete Ravenscroft (right) takers a corner at speed during a race in Spain
As for minimoto history, he explains that they originated in Japan and then the Italians fell head over heels in love with the fun formula - turning out stunning miniature replicas of legendary marques like Ducati.
More Than 185,000 Kids Vote for Their Top Toys in Third Annual Poll; Honda's Minimoto Maxii Miniature Electric Motorcycle Voted No.