Mining Geology

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mining geology

[′mīn·iŋ jē′äl·ə·jē]
(mining engineering)
The study of the structure and occurrence of mineral deposits and the geologic aspects of mine planning.

Mining Geology


a branch of geology that provides geological information about mines, shafts, and placers. The major goal of mining geology is to supply geological data to mining enterprises during the opening, preparation, and working of mineral deposits. Exploration is done in order to determine more precisely the outline of the mineral body and the distribution of valuable components within the mineral body. Samples are taken of the exploratory, preparatory, and cleared excavations during the course of work, and the samples are chemically analyzed to check the quality of the mineral material.

Mining geology is related to the regular geological documentation of mining operations, which involves making geological sketches of the walls of mining excavations, formulating descriptions of the walls, making laboratory studies of rocks and mineral samples, and compiling composite geological plans and cross sections on the basis of the information obtained. It is responsible for keeping systematic account of the mineral reserves of excavated deposits and establishing the period for which a working mine will have adequate reserves. Mineral losses and depletion are considered, and steps are taken to reduce them.

Mining geology studies the geological engineering properties of rocks and the hydrogeological conditions of deposits. Knowledge of these factors is necessary in the selection of efficient methods to obtain the mineral resources.


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