miniaturized satellite

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miniaturized satellite

A communications satellite that is considerably smaller and lighter than the geostationary satellites that weigh several tons. Smaller satellites are less costly to manufacture and deploy and can be piggybacked on rockets with the launch of larger satellites. Miniaturized satellites are designated by their maximum weight, as follows:
 Approximate             Maximum WeightType                    (pounds)

 minisatellite (minisat)   1,100

 microsatellite (microsat)   220

 nanosatellite (nanosat)      22

 picosatellite (picosat)       2.2
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The spacecraft design is SSTL s Geostationary Minisatellite Platform (GMP), which has been under development for years and is part of both UK Space Agency and European Space Agency technology development programs.
Figure: Canadian M3MSat Minisatellite Coastal Patrol Constellation
In fact, co-orbital minisatellite jammers represent a potential option for nonkinetically attacking data-relay satellites, which are critical nodes in wide-area maritime surveillance-reconnaissance networks.
Both micro- and minisatellite loci have been investigated in this study to identify polymorphic loci as potential markers used as the tools for molecular typing of M.
For over two decades, abundant variation in the number of tandemly repeated units in microsatellite and minisatellite DNA has been used for genetic fingerprinting.
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Ironically, the variation in PRDM9 is due to a minisatellite within the gene itself.
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