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miniature pinscher,

breed of lively toy dogtoy dog,
classification used by breeders and kennel clubs to designate very small breeds of dogs kept as pets. Some are selectively bred diminutive forms of larger breeds and others are naturally small.
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 originating in Germany in the late 19th cent. It stands from 10 to 12 in. (25.4–30.5 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 8 to 10 lb (3.6–4.5 kg). Its short, smooth, flat-lying coat may be red, black with tan markings, or brown marked with rust or yellow. The miniature pinscher, a member of the terrier family, resembles the Doberman pinscherDoberman pinscher
, breed of large, compact working dog originating in Germany c.1890. It stands from 24 to 28 in. (61–71 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 60 to 75 lb (27–34 kg).
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. It makes an excellent house pet and watchdog. See dogdog,
carnivorous, domesticated wolf (Canis lupus familiaris) of the family Canidae, to which the jackal, fox, and tanuki also belong. The family Canidae is sometimes referred to as the dog family, and its characteristics, e.g.
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