Minsk Tractor Works MTZ

Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ)


a large enterprise of the Soviet tractor industry. Construction of the plant began in 1946 on the site of aviation repair workshops that had been destroyed during the Great Patriotic War (1941–45). Production of the KD-35 caterpillar tractors was started in a short time (1950). Production of the KT-12 hauling tractors, and then of the TDT-40 models, began in August 1951. The general-purpose MTZ-2 Belarus’ wheeled tractor was created in 1953, followed in 1963 by the MTZ-50 (36.8–44.1 kilowatts [kW], or 50–60 hp). It was used as the basis for the MTZ-52 tractor with four driving wheels, the MTZ-50Kh cotton tractor, and seven other models. In 1972 the plant produced its millionth tractor. Belarus’ tractors are exported to many foreign countries.

The Minsk Tractor Works is a composite enterprise consisting of preparation, processing, assembly, and auxiliary shops. In 1971–72 all the tractors produced by the plant were awarded the State Seal of Quality. The designs and production technology of the tractors are being refined, and preparation is under way for series production of the new, more powerful MTZ-80/82 tractors (55.3–59.0 kW, or 75–80 hp). Products of the plant have received numerous medals and certificates at international exhibitions. The plant was awarded the Order of Lenin (1966) and the Order of the October Revolution (1971).