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Created by founder Lisa Price, the Mirabelle Plum Healthy Growth & Max Hydration collection brings the best of both worlds: the intense moisturizing power of plums, hydrating deeply into the hair follicle as well as fortifying ingredients like biotin and olive oil for healthy hair growth.
MaxMara's Le Parfum is a sensuous blend of nutmeg, pink pepper, mirabelle plum, tiare flower, freesia and Moroccan rose with a touch of woods and musk.
The general grocery area reflects the store's extensive global sourcing policy Here, there are limited-edition pots of Mirabelle plum conserve from France, exclusive to Dean and Deluca, of course--they're a snip at just $20 a jar.
TRUESTE by TIFFANY is a delightful fruity floral, with top notes of black currant, apricot, peach and Mirabelle plum.
Its vivacious top notes are black currant, apricot, peach and Mirabelle plum.
For a citrus burst, try Candied Orange Peel and Ginger, there's Pesto and Rocket for a nutty, peppery kick and for those who are more inclined towards the sweeter things in life, the Mustard with White Wine, Mirabelle Plums and Plum Brandy is impossible to resist.
Mini bite-sized saucisson in a tall glass jar that looked like something from an old-fashioned sweet shop, hare pate, Mirabelle plums in Gewurztraminer and so it went on.
The range will include pears, raspberries, Mirabelle plums, damsons, Morello cherries, gooseberries, cranberries and quince.