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Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Aug 8 (ANI): Central Railway Chief Public Relations Officer on Thursday announced that special service train will run between Miraj and Karad for next three days, starting from today as road traffic has been disrupted due to heavy rainfall and waterlogging in Karad, Sangli, Miraj and Pandharpur.
Scouts outside the Dome of the Rock at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem celebrating Al-Isra Wal Miraj Muslim holiday.
The authority has made the announcement on its official twitter account and has also extended greetings on the occasion of Al Isra wal Miraj.
All 142 passengers have subsequently been allowed to leave the aircraft, the airline's general manager, Shakil Miraj, told Reuters.
The facility will produce the company's patented material, Miraj Diamond, designed to make glass stronger, harder and better able to dissipate heat.
He said that no doubt the event of Shab-e- Miraj is a miracle in human history, being the biggest revelation for the entire humanity.
KUWAIT, April 11 (KUNA) -- Kuwait will observe April 27 as the official holiday marking the annual religious occasion, Israa and Miraj, the Civil Commission Service said on Tuesday.
Summary: RTA customer service centres to close for Isra Wal Miraj
Lailat al-Miraj celebrates the Prophet Muhammad's Isra and Miraj. Isra is the name for his night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem, and Miraj is the term for his ascension to heaven.
SANA'A, May 27 (Saba)- President Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi received on Tuesday a cable of congratulations from his Palestinian counterpart, Mahmmod Abas, on the occasion of Isra and Miraj.
A holiday to mark Isra Wal Miraj has been announced for Sunday May 25 for Ministries and federal government bodies.