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in astronomy, one of the moons, or natural satellites, of UranusUranus
, in astronomy, 7th planet from the sun, at a mean distance of 1.78 billion mi (2.87 billion km), with an orbit lying between those of Saturn and Neptune; its period of revolution is slightly more than 84 years.
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(mi-ran -dă) A satellite of Uranus, discovered in 1948 by G.P. Kuiper. A relatively small satellite with a diameter of 470 km, it orbits its primary once every 1.4 days at a mean distance of 129 000 km. Only half of Miranda's surface was available for study from Voyager 2 in 1986 (the northern hemisphere was in darkness) but a complex surface structure was revealed. Several distinct types of terrain exist: old cratered plains, younger brighter areas with cliffs and scarps, and regions of enclosed grooved areas about 200–300 km across. These features occupy distinct portions of the satellite, leading to the theory that Miranda was shattered by a collision and then subsequently reassembled into a single body. See Uranus' satellites; Table 2, backmatter.
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A satellite of Uranus orbiting at a mean distance of 76,880 miles (124,000 kilometers).
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innocent and noble-minded daughter of Prospero. [Br. Lit.: The Tempest]
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(From the Latin for "admirable", also the heroine of Shakespeare's "Tempest") A lazy purely functional programming language and interpreter designed by David Turner of the University of Kent in the early 1980s and implemented as a product of his company, Research Software Limited. Miranda combines the main features of KRC and SASL with strong typing similar to that of ML.

It features terse syntax using the offside rule for indentation. The type of an expression is inferred from the source by the compiler but explicit type declarations are also allowed. It has nested pattern-matching, list comprehensions and modules. It uses operator sections rather than lambda abstractions. User types are algebraic, and in early versions could be constrained by laws.

It is implemented using SKI combinator reduction. Originally implemented for Unix, there are versions for most UNIX-like platforms including Intel PC under Linux. The KAOS operating system is written entirely in Miranda.

Translators from Miranda to Haskell (mira2hs) and to LML (mira2lml) are available at http://foldoc.org/pub/misc. Non-commercial near-equivalents of Miranda include Miracula and Orwell.


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