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(Party of Peaceful Renovation), a constitutional monarchist party of the big bourgeoisie and noble landowners in Russia.

The party was organized in July 1906 by former Left Octobrists, among them P. A. Geiden, D. N. Shipov, and M. A. Stakhovich, along with former Right Constitutional Democrats (Cadets), including N. N. L’vov and E. N. Trubetskoi. The party, based predominantly on the Peaceful Renovation fraction within the First State Duma, took an intermediate position between the Octobrists and the Cadets, and was distinguished from these parties mainly through its tactics.

The program of the Mirnoobnovlentsy was close to the original program of the Octobrists. It called for implementation of bourgeois-democratic reforms, a pretended settlement of the labor question through legislation, preservation of the landed estates of the nobility and gentry, resettlement of landless peasants in remote regions, and state-financed purchase of portions of the lands belonging to the nobility and gentry for distribution among peasant smallholders.

In the Third State Duma (1907), the Mirnoobnovlentsy joined with the Party of Democratic Reforms to form the Progressist fraction, which became the nucleus of the Progressist Party, founded in 1912. The party’s official organs were the newspaper Slovo, edited by M. M. Fedorov, and the journal Moskovskii ezhenedel’nik, edited by E. N. Trubetskoi.


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