Mironovka Institute of Wheat Selection and Seed Production

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Mironovka Institute of Wheat Selection and Seed Production


a research institute created in 1968 out of the Mironovka Experimental Selection Station, which had been organized in 1911; it is located 110 km south of Kiev. It was at the Mironovka Experimental Selection Station that E. M. Zheltkevich, L. I. Kovalevskii, and I. M. Eremeev in 1924 developed the winter variety of wheat Ukrainka, which has high milling and bread-making qualities.

In 1974 the Mironovka Institute of Wheat Selection and Seed Production had departments of selection and primary seed production of winter wheat and barley, selection and seed production of spring wheat and grasses, variety development, stock seed production, plant protection, economics, scientific and technological information, and application of science and advanced experimentation in industry. There are laboratories of plant physiology, grain technology, seed-growing, genetics, and cytology.

V. N. Remeslo, academician of the Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences, developed three varieties of winter wheat—Mironovka 808, Mironovka Jubilee, and II’-ichevka—at the institute; these varieties are well known and widely distributed in the USSR and abroad. The institute has developed several varieties that have been regionalized, including varieties of millet (Mironovka 85 and Mironovka 51), Sudan grass (Mironovka 10 and Mironovka 325), corn (Mironovka 25 MV), and clover (Mironovka 45).

The principal method of selection used at the Mironovka Institute of Wheat Selection and Seed Production is to change spring forms to winter forms and winter forms to spring forms by means of external factors and subsequent hybridization. Methods of polyploidy and mutagenesis and of creating highyield varieties of hybrid wheat are being studied. The institute has published Biulleten’ once a year since 1970; the monograph Mironovskie pshenitsy (Mironovka Wheats) was published in 1972. The institute was awarded the Order of Lenin in 1967.


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