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Miskito nest-monitoring team performing health exams and taking biometric measurements (of a wing cord in a 2-week-old macaw).
An ongoing "media demonization" of the Miskito people ignores "the feudalism that exists in Honduras, the enormous poverty that affects the indigenous peoples, and internal colonialism," the organization said in a 2012 press release.
While Campbell's interpretation of slave resistance is bound to be controversial, her focus on the depth and breadth of the Spanish presence in Belize and on the invaluable role of the Miskito Indians for the Baymen offers an important corrective to our understanding of Belizean history.
Commission on Human Rights, Report on the Situation of Human Rights of a Segment of the Nicaraguan Population of Miskito Origin and Resolution on the Friendly Settlement Procedure Regarding the Human Rights Situation, OA.S Doc.
This REI was developed in conjunction with Miskito maternal-child health nurses from the Regional Technical Center for Health Education (Centro de Educacion Tecnico Regional para la Salud, CETRS); the regional hospital, Hospital Nuevo Amanecer; Casa Materna; and the lead author (KAR).
Unique in its coverage of the Spanish period of Belize's history, this book focuses on the alliance between British timber cutters and the Miskito Indians as they fought together against the Spanish during the Spanish period of Belize, 1528-1708.
Four examples of this phenomenon of symbiotic imperialisms are the Miskito Kingdom (1850), Yucatan (1901), Kuna Indians (1925), and Guatemala (1953-present).
(13) This is the case for Miskito peoples in Nicaragua, who, thanks to the support of Moravian missionaries, were able to keep their language despite the assimilation efforts of their government.