missed approach point

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missed approach point (MAPt)

That point in an instrument approach procedure at or before which the prescribed missed approach procedure must be initiated to ensure that the minimum obstacle clearance is not infringed. It may be the intersection of an electronic glide path with a decision height; a NAVAID (navigational aid) located on the aerodrome; a suitable fix (e.g., distance-measuring equipment, or DME); or a specified distance beyond the NAVAID or final approach fix, not to exceed the distance from the NAVAID or fix to the nearest boundary of the aerodrome. When the MAPt is defined by a navigational facility or a fix, the distance from the final approach fix (FAF) to the MAPt is normally published as well and may be used for timing to the MAPt. In all cases where timing may not be used, the procedure must be annotated “timing not authorized for defining MAPt.” See missed approach phases.
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During a precision approach, the aircraft is constantly descending to the missed approach point and begins reversing the descent into a climb at DA.
You're past the missed approach point by 1.6 miles, which is why waypoint sequencing has suspended and the HSI shows the active waypoint is behind you.
The commonly accepted definition has been something like "the aircraft flies over an initial approach fix (IAF) and departs the final approach fix (FAF) inbound to the airport in actual or simulated IMC and breaks out somewhere before reaching the missed approach point (MAP), decision height (DH) or decision altitude (DA)." It's not all that simple, of course, especially once simulators and view-limiting devices get involved.
Looking at the flight plan in the box, I note that there's only the missed approach point and subsequent procedure.
This technique has the aircraft quickly descending to the minimum descent altitude (MDA), and then flying level at the MDA until reaching the missed approach point (MAP).
When missing early, you need to stay on your approach course until passing your missed approach point, but that you may start your climb to the missed approach altitude.
The fact the mental journey to acceptance and action can be required sometimes takes the pilot and the airplane well past the missed approach point is definite cause for concern.
Speaking of fuel, the feds have made it clear in legal interpretations that IFR fuel requirements are to the destination plus flying an approach to the missed approach point and then 45 minutes if conditions allow not filing an alternate.
Once we have it in sight, to get from the procedure's missed approach point (MAP) to the desired runway, we may need to maneuver well within 1000 feet agl in low visibility, and do it at a relatively low airspeed to remain within airspace protected from obstacles.
Unlike the Bean approach, you only have 2.2 miles from the VOR to your missed approach point at WUGAV.
But when it arrives at a missed approach point, it doesn't know what to do: sequence to the destination airport, to the holding fix or do something else?