Missile Launcher

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Missile Launcher


a device for launching tactical, semi-strategic, strategic, and antiaircraft missiles. The design depends on the class of missile, the type of guidance system, the launch position (vertical or inclined), and other factors.

Missile launchers are subdivided into ground, ship, and aircraft launchers, depending on where the missiles are launched from. Ground launchers may be permanent or mobile. Permanent launchers, including silos, are designed for launching strategic missiles; mobile launchers, using transport systems with excellent offroad capabilities, are used to launch semistrategic, tactical, and antiaircraft missiles.

A missile launcher usually has a base structure on which the other elements are mounted, a guide structure (sometimes several) to direct the missile during the initial flight stage, mechanisms (drives) to control the guide structure, and a launch apparatus. Ship launchers can launch missiles when the ship is under steam or rolling; launchers on submarines can fire from underwater. Missile launchers on aircraft do not have guidance mechanisms; the direction of launch is determined by the attitude of the aircraft.

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The missile launcher is capable of destroying enemy bases and fortified positions.
"The Land Rover is in the drive and the missile launcher is across the road at the moment, parked in front of a neighbour's house.
A statement by the Joint Special Operations Command said that the Army Aviation carried out eight sorties on Daash sites in various sectors of operations, while the coalition aircraft carried out /12 /sorties included areas of (al-Baghdadi - Mohammadi - Sharqat - Heet - Altherthar Channel - Sinjar- Mosul - Juba) that killed five terrorists and destroyed two cache of weapons and and two mortars, a tunnel and 6 enemy positions and a car bomb, heavy weapons and a missile launcher, and also targeted and bombed a gathering of terrorists Daash in the Garraf area, destroying two launchers to launch rockets and ammunition.
The sources said the warplanes hit and demolished, at dawn today, a missile launcher, a radar station in Maareb in eastern Yemen.
ORGANISERS of a US gun amnesty were offered a surface to air missile launcher.
THE IRA is believed to have 1,000 AK-47 rifles, 600 handguns, 12 heavy machine guns, 20 DHSK armour-piercing machine guns, SAM-7 surface-to-air missile launcher, 40 rocket-propelled grenades, six flame-throwers, one million rounds of ammunition, 500 detonators and two tons of Semtex.
The military media said in a statement today that they destroyed three vehicles and a missile launcher for Daash on the outskirts of the central markets north of Baiji.
| TOKYO, April 20 (KUNA) -- South Korea has asked China to verify claims that a missile launcher displayed by North Korea last weekend is of Chinese origin, in a potential violation of United Nations sanctions against Pyongyang, Yonhap News Agency reported Friday.
Master your arsenal of weapons, including a missile launcher and a plasma rifle, and you'll stay one step ahead of the game.
two command and control structures, two surface-to-air missile launcher and
In August, Iran inaugurated the production lines for manufacturing 'Seraj 1' vessel and a new generation of 'Zolfaqar' missile launcher, both developed by the country's experts.

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