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Mission Indians,

Native Americans of S and central California; so called because they were under the jurisdiction of some 21 Spanish missions that were established between 1769 and 1823. The major groups were the Chumash, Costanoan, Diegueño, Gabrieleno, Juaneño, and Luiseño. The first mission was established at San Diego. The native population was taught and forced to work at agriculture. The land and the herds of sheep were theoretically owned by the Native Americans themselves, but were held in trust by the Franciscan fathers. The Mission Indians now live on reservations in California. In the 1990 U.S. census there were over 2,000 Native Americans identifying themselves as Mission Indians in the United States, as well as some 3,000 Chumash, 1,000 Costanoan, 2,200 Diegueño, 500 Gabrieleno, 1,500 Juaneño, and 2,800 Luiseño.
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The event saw the gracious presence of Rakesh Adlakha, deputy chief of Mission Indian Embassy Muscat as chief guest, and Mahesh Chaudhary, country manager of Air India as guest of honour.
Mary's Mission Indian Residential School, Mission, and Presbyterian Coqualeetza Indian Residential School, Chilliwack, first residential schools in B.C., established.
She liked that you weren't a good Mission Indian. Maybe she even thought future Indian women could learn from you.
Abolish the Indian Bureau Now Make People of the Indians Purl Willis (non-Indian, Mission Indian Federation), "Mission Indians Demand Removal of Restrictions: Candidates Speak at Indian Meeting," San Diego Union, May 15,1954
Along with other Mission Indian rancherias in southern California, the villages represented but a few of the dozens of independent groups or communities throughout California who, though impacted by sustained Euro-American contact, had managed to remain within the areas where their ancestors had lived for centuries.
Native Americans hold all the cards in Palm Springs, California, where gambling is controlled by the Agua Caliente and Mission Indian bands with a little help down at the trading post from Donald Trump.
With five years of experience in organizing for the annual event, Williams and the Mission Indian Friendship Centre powwow committee are receiving plenty of support from local businesses.
In Cameta, a river port near Belem, Teixeira readied forty-seven war canoes to be manned by seventy Portuguese and the six Spanish soldiers, a cook, a scribe, more than one thousand mission Indian oarsmen armed with bows and arrows, and Father Brieba.
In his book Mission Culture of the Upper Amazon David Block emphatically refutes the traditional picture of the Mission Indian as being a childlike creature totally manipulated by the Jesuits:
Ramona, an orphan of Scottish and Indian ancestry, is brought up as a foster sister to Felipe Moreno, who falls in love with her, as does Alessandro, a Mission Indian. When Ramona and Alessandro elope they experience prejudice.
It increases many fold the value and producing power of the land, paving the sure road to wealth.(33) It was only three years later, during the peak of the Smiley Commission's efforts to reserve and survey Mission Indian lands for individual allotments, that the federal government brokered a one-sided agreement between the La Jolla Reservation upriver from Pala, and the Escondido Mutual Water Company, allowing the latter to begin to divert "surplus" water from the San Luis Rey River.(34) Clearly, "sufficient quantity of water" and "mutual benefit" were phrases whose interpretations were left solely to government and private industry and did not include the Indians.
"he is cut off by his transcriber and only the linguist's gloss remains: "(10 minutes of Mission Indian history)." The shrinking lands of the border that Delfina Cuero has described in detail are mirrored in the shrinking discursive field in which the old language is given play.

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