Mission style

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Mission style

A characteristic of this style is its simplicity of form. Round arches supported by piers form openings in the thick stucco walls, with roof eaves that extend beyond the wall surface. Towers, curvilinear gables and small balconies were used on large buildings. The only ornamentation is a plain stringcourse that outlines arches, gables or balconies.
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Mission Revival, Mission style

An architectural style popular in the southwestern United States and in Florida from about 1890 to 1930 and beyond; suggestive or imitative of the earlier Mission architecture, although usually much simpler because of the absence of sculptured ornamentation; compare with Spanish Colonial Revival. Buildings in this style are usually characterized by: stucco-finished exterior walls, occasionally with terracotta ornamentation; balconies or balconets; semicircular arches; a roof supported by massive piers with broad arches between them, forming arcaded walkways; multicurved gables; a low-pitched red mission-tile roof; often a hipped roof; open eaves having exposed rafters and a significant overhang; roof ridges topped with a red-tiled protective cap; commonly, dormers; tile-faced bell towers; roof drainage provided by waterspouts that pierce the parapets; typically, double-hung rectangular windows; a main entry door often located within a recessed porch.
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'One was that the structures should be 'mission style,' (a melange of Spanish, Mexican and Californian design) since we live in a tropical country.
The building project will remain consistent with the mission style architecture found across the Gulf Park campus.
More intriguing still, he fits perfectly into the scape of art- deco buildings and Spanish- mission style homes that surround us.
Host of the show "Black Box" on Al-Qahera Wal-Nas satellite channel Abdul Raheem Aly has claimed that he possesses several phone call recordings between the activists and foreign and domestic individuals; where they were apparently revealing information in a military mission style. The host alleges that the voices of the people in the phone calls are the activists mentioned above.
Facilities: Inspiration is often found in history, such as the Spa in Paris that is decorated as a boudoir where Marie Antoinette would feel at home; in Santa Barbara, the Spa is designed in the California Mission style, while in a remote elephant camp in northern Thailand, rustic open air treatment pavilions were placed in the middle of the jungle.
It is also a great choice for Mission style furniture, for which Gustav Stickley is credited with creating.
The dramatic building image is influenced by the indigenous California mission style prevalent in Santa Maria and along the central coast region of California.
Projects include Shaker pegboard cabinets, a Mission style display cabinet, a key house, and wall mounted display cabinets.
Also known as the Mission Style in the US, Arts & Crafts originated in the UK late in the 19th century.
Designed in the historic Mission style prevalent in Santa Barbara, the LifeCenter has thick white stucco plaster walls, a red tile roof, tile niche details, a heavy timber trellis, and wrought iron railings.
Iconic limed oak game table and chairs 6 from Knoll are by architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh, whose Mission style is as practical as it is beautiful and timeless in the eclectic family room.

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