Mission style

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Mission style

A characteristic of this style is its simplicity of form. Round arches supported by piers form openings in the thick stucco walls, with roof eaves that extend beyond the wall surface. Towers, curvilinear gables and small balconies were used on large buildings. The only ornamentation is a plain stringcourse that outlines arches, gables or balconies.

Mission Revival, Mission style

An architectural style popular in the southwestern United States and in Florida from about 1890 to 1930 and beyond; suggestive or imitative of the earlier Mission architecture, although usually much simpler because of the absence of sculptured ornamentation; compare with Spanish Colonial Revival. Buildings in this style are usually characterized by: stucco-finished exterior walls, occasionally with terracotta ornamentation; balconies or balconets; semicircular arches; a roof supported by massive piers with broad arches between them, forming arcaded walkways; multicurved gables; a low-pitched red mission-tile roof; often a hipped roof; open eaves having exposed rafters and a significant overhang; roof ridges topped with a red-tiled protective cap; commonly, dormers; tile-faced bell towers; roof drainage provided by waterspouts that pierce the parapets; typically, double-hung rectangular windows; a main entry door often located within a recessed porch.
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I hope to get samples of the Metro, Baroque and Mission style windows in our showrooms soon to share with our clients throughout our area.
Host of the show "Black Box" on Al-Qahera Wal-Nas satellite channel Abdul Raheem Aly has claimed that he possesses several phone call recordings between the activists and foreign and domestic individuals; where they were apparently revealing information in a military mission style.
It has done everything we wanted, regardless of mission style or time of year.
Projects include Shaker pegboard cabinets, a Mission style display cabinet, a key house, and wall mounted display cabinets.
Sauder's Rose Valley Entertainment Wall unit offers a fresh take on the traditional Mission style.
Architecture in the Mission style creates a beautiful landscape, and the property also boasts a summer concert series and beautiful art gallery.
Many North Americans are under the impression that Mission style represents all architecture of Mexico and Spain, and this simply is not true, as my village demonstrates.
47 USD), which can be used to create rattle-free Mission Style cabinet doors.
With plans to open 50 restaurants in the next 5 years (eventually to 100) across all of Colorado except for the Southwest corner, El Grande Tacos' mission to proliferate mission style burritos will start with the entire Front Range, from Pueblo to Fort Collins.
The churches are not only in Meem's signature pueblo mission style, but also include English Gothic and Romanesque designs.
3 -- 4) Death Valley's Furnace Creek Inn reflects a mission style of architecture, above left, combining adobe with rock masonry.

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