Mississippian period

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Mississippian period:

see Carboniferous periodCarboniferous period
, fifth period of the Paleozoic era of geologic time (see Geologic Timescale, table), from 350 to 290 million years ago. Historical Geology of the Period
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and Kincaid around the same time, for reasons yet not quite understood, marked the end of the Mississippian Period's great mound building culture.
This trend continued into the Mississippian period, which showed the lowest mean scores of all three groups.
Understanding the paleoclimate of the Rheic Ocean at the beginning of the Mississippian Period, throughout the Kinderhookian, will help determine the spatial and temporal limits of the dendroid Graptolite Dictyonema within Missouri.
The findings presented in this article attest to the value of thin section analysis of prehistoric ceramics and support its incorporation into the overall investigation strategy employed at Woodland and Mississippian period archaeological sites.
The Kellogg Collection is composed of approximately 43 individuals and dates to the Early Mississippian Period (c.
This is a fitting focus of study on cycling because while flourishing chiefdoms existed throughout the valley during much of the Mississippian period (appearing initially around the year 1050), by about 1500, with the exception of smaller settlements along the distant headwaters, the chiefdoms had disappeared and the valley, despite its rich agricultural land, had been abandoned.
During the Middle Mississippian period (1100AD-1250AD), the Savannah people began assembling conical burial mounds along the Georgia Coast.

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