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, also Yelgava,
Ger. Mitau, city (2011 provisional pop. 59,449), in Latvia, on the Lielupe River. It is a major rail hub and a trade center for grain and timber. The city grew around a fortress established by the Livonian Knights in the 13th cent.
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, Latvia.
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Jahrhundert bluhte unter deutsch-baltischen Aufgeklarten in Riga und Kurlands Gerichtshof in Mitau ein aktives Musikleben, das den Bedarf an entsprechender Literatur weckte.
Klimov was born on 8 May 1901 in the City of Mitau, then part of the Baltic segment of the Russian Empire.
Zweite durchganging verbesserte und vermehrte Auflage, Mitau.
2) Villes baltiques: Une memoire partagee, a 2010 issue of the Paris journal Revue germanique internationale, gathers contributions on the history of Kaunas, Klaipeda, and Vilnius, all of these in contemporary Lithuania; Mitau (now Jelgava) and Riga in Latvia; and Tartu and Tallinn in Estonia.
Fuller board of directors," says Lee Mitau, chairman, H.
Elizabeth Milbank was staying with the Countess Heiyden at her house in the city of Mitau, then part of the Russian empire and now in Latvia.
Hirsch, has been appointed to the Theodore Mitau Chair of Public Law and American Politics at Macalester College.
Q203) that was partially written out by Rowe and was probably one of the 4,000 or so rare books from the Ducal library at Mitau that were appropriated during the reign of Peter the Great (1682-1725) to form the Library of the St Petersburg Academy of Sciences (opened 1725).
As a separate issue it was published again in Mitau in 1806 (Grotthuss 1805), translated into English language and published in Tilloch's Philosopic Magazine (1806), Repertory of Arts (1806).
Lee Mitau, chairman of the board, stated, "On behalf of the board, I extend our thanks to Michele.