Mitchison, Naomi

Mitchison, Naomi,

1897–1999, British writer, b. Scotland, educated at Oxford; daughter of the biologist J. S. HaldaneHaldane, John Scott,
1860–1936, British scientist, b. Edinburgh; father of John Burdon Sanderson Haldane. He made many important contributions to mine safety, investigating principally the action of gases, the use of rescue equipment, and the incidence of pulmonary disease.
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. She wrote many types of novels on a variety of subjects. They include historical novels set in ancient Greece and Rome, such as The Bull Calves (1945); fantasies, such as Graeme and the Dragon (1954); and documentary novels set in Scotland or Africa, such as Swan's Road (1954). She was active in local government in Scotland (1947–1976) and was tribal adviser to the Bakgatla of Botswana.