Miter saw

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miter saw

[′mīd·ər ‚sȯ]
(design engineering)
A hollow-ground saw in diameters from 6 to 16 inches (15.24 to 40.64 centimeters), used for cutting off and mitering on light stock such as moldings and cabinet work.
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Miter saw

A deep saw with a stiffening piece along the upper edge or back; often used in adjustable miter boxes.
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tenon saw

tenon saw
A saw having a metal strip along the back to stiffen it; has many small teeth; used for fine, accurate sawing, as in forming tenons, dovetails, and miters. Also called a miter saw.
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The fuel tank managed to do what chain saws, miter saws, nail guns, and sundry other equipment had failed to accomplish: make me bleed--a lot.
Now available is a cordless compound miter saw that can handle many cuts on a single charge.
For more information on the Fletcher 7000 and 7100 Miter Saw tables, visit or call 800-843-3826.
The client directed us to "...put a laser on a miter saw to help the user position the cut.
* Craftsman's new 10-inch compound miter saw eliminates some of the guesswork when you're making a crosscut--a built-in laser indicates exactly where the blade will meet the wood.
The heart of this miter saw stand is four frames: the top, bottom and two wings.
releases its new Model LS1016L 10-in, dual slide compound miter saw. The saw is engineered with Deep and eXact cutting Technology (DXT), features the crown cutting capacity (vertically nested) of a 12-in, saw and has the increased accuracy of a 10-in, blade without the potential run-out of larger blades, the company says.
Because both scales compensate for the fact that power miter saw scales read "zero" for a 90-degree cut, you can set your saw directly to the angle you read on the ProSite.
I placed stops equidistant from each side of the blade of a compound miter saw at 29 1/8 inches (the shorter outside dimension of the frames) Next.
You can make straight cuts faster and better with a miter saw [more on that later).