Miter saw

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miter saw

[′mīd·ər ‚sȯ]
(design engineering)
A hollow-ground saw in diameters from 6 to 16 inches (15.24 to 40.64 centimeters), used for cutting off and mitering on light stock such as moldings and cabinet work.

Miter saw

A deep saw with a stiffening piece along the upper edge or back; often used in adjustable miter boxes.

tenon saw

tenon saw
A saw having a metal strip along the back to stiffen it; has many small teeth; used for fine, accurate sawing, as in forming tenons, dovetails, and miters. Also called a miter saw.
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The fuel tank managed to do what chain saws, miter saws, nail guns, and sundry other equipment had failed to accomplish: make me bleed--a lot.
2) Reporter Julia Scott bought a gift for her dad at the Topanga mall Sears store: a sturdy compound miter saw for $70, marked down from $90.
You can make straight and angled cuts, and compound miter saws allow you to vary both the angle and the horizontal plane so you can round the edges of corners with bevel cuts.
Lasers work best with clean power but miter saw motors kick out a ton of electronic interference.
Compound Miter Saw with Laser Trac Guide System (item 00924315000): $200; www.
Included in the facility is GED Glass Cutter, Fux Austria Window Assembly Machines, Heater Tunnel, Glass Assembly Lines, Erdman Glazing Equipment, TFB Aluminum Bender, GED Roll Former, Urban Corner Cleaner, Urban Frame Welders, Urban Frame Line, Wegoma DMX-20 Miter Saw, Wegoma Autoloader, Geller Notch Boxes, Pertici End Miller, Winpro Screen Express and other equipment.
Contract notice: Supply of band saw, edger - rip saw, miter saw and mobile telescopic manipulator
Once installed on an Omega double miter saw, "We immediately saw improved accuracy in our cutting and an increase in production," Fischer says.
Now, along with four Systainer boxes, a worktable, compound miter saw, vacuum and step ladder complete my site kit.
First, arm yourself with the proper tools, including a pry bar and hammer to remove existing trim, a measuring tape, miter saw, coping saw, some finishing nails and a ladder.
A miter saw, circular saw, drill-driver or impact driver are indispensable.