Miter saw

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miter saw

[′mīd·ər ‚sȯ]
(design engineering)
A hollow-ground saw in diameters from 6 to 16 inches (15.24 to 40.64 centimeters), used for cutting off and mitering on light stock such as moldings and cabinet work.

Miter saw

A deep saw with a stiffening piece along the upper edge or back; often used in adjustable miter boxes.

tenon saw

tenon saw
A saw having a metal strip along the back to stiffen it; has many small teeth; used for fine, accurate sawing, as in forming tenons, dovetails, and miters. Also called a miter saw.
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The fuel tank managed to do what chain saws, miter saws, nail guns, and sundry other equipment had failed to accomplish: make me bleed--a lot.
2) Reporter Julia Scott bought a gift for her dad at the Topanga mall Sears store: a sturdy compound miter saw for $70, marked down from $90.
You can make straight and angled cuts, and compound miter saws allow you to vary both the angle and the horizontal plane so you can round the edges of corners with bevel cuts.
Now available is a cordless compound miter saw that can handle many cuts on a single charge.
For more information on the Fletcher 7000 and 7100 Miter Saw tables, visit www.
put a laser on a miter saw to help the user position the cut.
Craftsman's new 10-inch compound miter saw eliminates some of the guesswork when you're making a crosscut--a built-in laser indicates exactly where the blade will meet the wood.
5 EA of irwin high impact chisel item #1819362; 6 EA of stanley fatmax ANTI-VIBE hammer item #FMHT51244; 1 EA of dewalt heavy duty miter saw stand item #dwx723; 2 EA of dust collection hose item #JW1032; 4 EA of milwaukee 1/2" magnum drill 0-950 RPM model #0235-21; 1 EA of 15 amp 7 in corded angle grinder model # GA7021; 2 EA of milwaukee 5 in hole dozer hole saw model # 49- 56-9652.
The heart of this miter saw stand is four frames: the top, bottom and two wings.
The Inmes IM-350 double miter saw from PAM Fastening Technology was developed for cutting with precision, giving a suitable miter corner joint.
I placed stops equidistant from each side of the blade of a compound miter saw at 29 1/8 inches (the shorter outside dimension of the frames) Next.
First, arm yourself with the proper tools, including a pry bar and hammer to remove existing trim, a measuring tape, miter saw, coping saw, some finishing nails and a ladder.