Mitochondrial Eve

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Mitochondrial Eve,

in genetics, a theoretical female ancestor of all living people; see EveEve,
in genetics, popular term for a theoretical female ancestor of all living people, also known as Mitochondrial Eve. In 1987 biochemist Allan C. Wilson proposed that all living human beings had inherited mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from a single woman.
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, in genetics.
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Venema also shows how all members of the human family today can be descendants of the so-called Mitochondrial Eve with respect to their mitochondrial genome and DNA, yet have 10,000 or more other ancestors vis-a-vis their chromosomal DNA.
Orsucci et al., "May 'mitochondrial eve' and mitochondrial haplogroups play a role in neurodegeneration and alzheimer's disease?" International Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, vol.
New Zealander, Professor Allan Wilson, discovered that all of us are descended from only two lineages, from one man and one woman, from people he called Mitochondrial Eve and Y Chromosome Adam.
The hypothetical common ancestors of these genetic lineages are sometimes called Y Chromosome Adam and Mitochondrial Eve.
My questions to M.: Should not the scientific evidence for the mitochondrial Eve, as well as the findings of Ian Tattersall and Chris Stringer (to give only two examples), have made you more hesitant to deny original sin?
The exhibition is called Eve's Curse: The Art of Mitochondrial Research, recalling Mitochondrial Eve, the common female ancestor of all living women who walked the planet hundreds of thousands of years ago.
Testing of mitochondrial DNA, passed from mother to child, has proven that all of humanity--male and female--descends from one female progenitor: mitochondrial Eve, as she is colloquially known.
Stuart Mitchell used the DNA code from a skeleton, known as Mitochondrial Eve and believed to be more than 250,000 years old, to create his own musical masterpiece.
"Adam's Gene and Mitochondrial Eve" takes a combined science and religious look at the origins of man and the descendants of Adam and Eve.
It also indicates that "Mitochondrial Eve", the African ancestral mother from whom all modern humans are descended, lived 110,000-130,000 years ago.
"This means that we can put a timescale on any part of the particular family tree, right back to humanity's last common maternal ancestor, known as 'Mitochondrial Eve', who lived some 200,000 years ago.

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