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These patterns include centrosomes, spindle fibers with subpattern nuclear mitotic apparatus (NuMA), intercellular bridge, and mitotic chromosome coat.
Mitotic apparatus proteins are responsible for specific functions during mitosis and the post-mitotic period.
[10] Micronuclei formation can occur by two basic phenomena in mitotic cells, which are chromosome breakage and dysfunction of the mitotic apparatus. They can be formed from eccentric chromosomes, chromatid fragments, whole chromosomes, or chromatids that lag behind in anaphase and are left outside the daughter nuclei in telophase.
As the mitotic apparatus of the large blastomere became organized with chromosomes at the metaphase plate, the chromosomes of the three small blastomeres were less condensed and the aster not completely segregated.
Background: Nuclear mitotic apparatus protein 1 (NuMA1) had been reported to produce three groups of isoforms categorized as long, middle, and short groups, of which short NuMA displayed distinct localization patterns compared to long and middle isoforms.
The ability of microtubules of the mitotic apparatus to control the positioning and initiation of the cleavage furrow during cytokinesis was first established from studies on early echinoderm embryos.
In affected tumour cells, RAF is unable to associate with the mitotic apparatus to direct cell division, resulting in cell cycle arrest leading to apoptosis or programmed cell death.
Toxicity to mitotic apparatus and karyotoxicity were also calculated.
The observed formation of MN may be due to ROS and/or the physical presence of these particles around the mitotic apparatus, as reported earlier by Hesterberg et al.
Disruption of cell division is usually caused by a primary effect on the mitotic apparatus (Hess, 1983).
First, the mitotic apparatus is formed such that its longitudinal axis at metaphase is perpendicular to the animal-vegetal axis.
Response of the cortex to the mitotic apparatus during polar body formation in the starfish oocyte of Asterina pectinifera.