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see zaibatsuzaibatsu
[Jap.,=money clique], the great family-controlled banking and industrial combines of modern Japan. The leading zaibatsu (called keiretsu after World War II) are Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Dai Ichi Kangyo, Sumitomo, Sanwa, and Fuyo.
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one of Japan’s most powerful financial-industrial monopoly groups.

The Mitsui grew out of the commercial banking house of Mitsui, founded in the 17th century. Playing an important role in the predatory wars of imperialist Japan and reaping enormous profits, the Mitsui by the beginning of the 20th century had become a leader among Japan’s zaibatsu (monopolies). It seized a leading position in finance, trade, maritime transport, mining, textiles, and other industrial sectors in Japan and Korea. During 1938–45 the group expanded into military machine building.

After the smashing of Japanese imperialism in 1945, the Mitsui lost a number of its major firms, which significantly weakened its financial and industrial power. The group is now headed by the Mitsui Bank and by the commercial firm Mitsui Bussan; two presidential assemblies, in which executives of the leading companies of the Mitsui participate, direct the group. The Mitsui family is no longer represented in the group’s governing bodies.

The Mitsui is linked with monopolies in the United States. It leads Japan in the mining of coal; in the production of fertilizers, synthetic fibers, and aluminum; and in the volume of maritime shipments. The Mitsui is also strongly positioned in petrochemicals, metallurgy, shipbuilding, insurance, atomic energy, military production, and other branches of industry.


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Mitsui and Mitsui Gas will use knowledge and expertise gained from the business operations to contribute to energy-related businesses through its gas distribution operations in Brazil in partnership with Petrobras and state governments.
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust intends to resell the shares in the market or cancel them, they said.
Mitsui, which plans to begin uranium production and marketing, will become the first foreign company to operate in the field.
Production in more than half of the 85 drilling areas is already under way, Mitsui said, adding it expects to recoup the investment relatively quickly assuming a daily production capacity of 12,000 barrels.
JR East, Mitsui, Kokusai Kanko Kaikan, Kashima Yaesu Development and Nippon Oil are jointly developing on the Yaesu side of Tokyo Station a project involving the construction of high-rise twin towers.
Mitsui Fudosan said it will swap its shares with Mitsu Real Estate shares held by investors in the scheme, in which one Mitsui Real Estate share will be swapped for 0.
This historical perspective concerning the ownership and voting rights of the Amax Group on the one hand and Mitsui on the other hand is an important backdrop to the events occurring the following decade.
Under the merger agreement, Chuo Mitsui will become the holding company of integrated trust banking operations, called Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc.
Kokubu"), a leading Japanese food wholesaler, and Mitsui & Co.
domestic headquarters and regional claims and underwriting office for Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group for the past three years since the former Mitsui and Sumitomo Insurance companies merged.
BIG THINGS COME IN small packages, and if major trading house Mitsui and Co.

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