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Knuth's hypothetical machine, used in The Art of Computer Programming v.1, Donald Knuth, A-W 1969.


A ready-mixed batch of concrete, plaster, or mortar.


On drawings, abbr. for mixture.


(1) (Multimedia Internet EXchange) An Internet access point that supports quality of service (QoS) for multimedia traffic. See NAP and MPLS.

(2) (Medical Information EXchange System) A health information exchange (HIE) system for Windows from SETECS Medical Technologies (www.setecs.com). MIX enables interfacing to any EMR/EHR system that supports the HL7 messaging standard. Issued to both patients and healthcare providers, PIV-compliant smart cards provide strong security (see PIV).
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The new mixed drink menu features a wide assortment of liquors and mixes to choose from.
These authors can only stipulate that the absence of significant differences between the GP and mixed drinks can be attributed to the demanding study design, the participants may have experienced fatigue and near muscle glycogen depletion [1,4] before the commencement of the performance component, masking a potential effect of the additional exogenous carbohydrate.
Michael Marion, the arena's general manager, couldn't immediately cite a reason for the jump but noted that the arena had raised its prices last year for mixed drinks and that food and drink sales soared during three nights in December that country music star Garth Brooks appeared.
It is said that very small amounts should be used as a base for mixed drinks.
By merchandising bottled water near the spirits and other components of mixed drinks, retailers can increase sales, support local water bottlers and encourage shoppers to use the appropriate ingredients for their mixed drinks.
The taste profile features malty tones, bread, licorice and vanilla, and lends itself to being consumed straight up and in vodka Martinis rather than in mixed drinks, Kuuttanen said.
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Mixed Drinks builds on the guitar jangle of the band's first two outings, providing a more polished setting for Hutchison's breathless tales of hearts on fire.
You know those flavored vodkas found in mixed drinks and shot glasses all over college campuses?
You know those flavored vodkas found m mixed drinks and shot glasses all over college campuses?
based company is teaming the new line with Island Breeze by Bacardi to introduce the "5-0 Cocktail Collection," consisting of mixed drinks with 50 calories or fewer.