Mjeda, Ndre

Mjeda, Ndre


Born Nov. 19, 1866, in Scutari; died there Aug. 1, 1937. Albanian poet and public figure.

Mjeda was the son of a peasant. He studied at divinity schools in Spain, Poland, Croatia, and Italy. In 1901, Mjeda, with his brother Lazar, founded the cultural and educational society Agim (Dawn) in Scutari. From 1921 to 1924, Mjeda was a deputy to the Albanian parliament. He opposed the feudal regime.

Mjeda was the author of the patriotic narrative poem The Weeping of the Nightingale (1887), a collection of lyric poems entitled Juvenilia (1917), and the narrative poem Lissus (1921). In his narrative poem Liberty (1901–11; published 1937), Mjeda condemned the Turkish domination and the Albanian feudal lords. Mjeda made an important contribution to the development of Albanian literature.


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