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(MaKe DIRectory) An internal DOS/Windows command that creates a new folder (directory). MKDIR and MD are two forms of the command. MKDIR is also a Unix command, but not MD (see Unix commands).

The examples below create a SALLY folder within the current ABC folder and also within the XYZ folder, which is at the same level as ABC. The backslash is used to denote the path to a folder on the same or higher level:
  C:\ABC>mkdir sally
  C:\ABC>mkdir \xyz\sally


  C:\ABC>md sally
  C:\ABC>md \xyz\sally
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Your account on the UNIX server is often referred to as your "home" directory, whereas Web pages are often placed in a subdirectory called "WWW" or "pub lic_htmi." To create such a directory, you can use the "mkdir" command (very similar to the DOS command of similar name):
Each student is expected to create a sub-directory in his/her user account, using UNIX commands: mkdir MCIS620 (to create directory named MCIS620) and then chmod 755 MCIS620 (to access the new directory).
If you have a hard disk, additional commands that are imperative are CHDIR, MKDIR, and RMDIR; these are usually abbreviated CD, MD, and RD, respectively.