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(Young Bukharans), participants in a bourgeois-nationalist movement that sprang up on the territory of the Bukhara Khanate in 1916.

The Young Bukharans shared Jadidist views. The movement split in 1918; in January 1920, the Turkestan Central Bureau of Revolutionary Young Bukharans was established in Tashkent, headed by F. Khodzhaev. The program of the Young Bukharans called for the overthrow of the emir and the establishment of a democratic republic in Bukhara.

In the interests of uniting all democratic forces against feudal reaction, the Bukhara Communist Party (BCP) formed a bloc with the Young Bukharans on the condition that they recognize the BCP program. After the overthrow of the emir and the creation of the Bukhara People’s Soviet Republic (BPSRJ, the representatives of the left wing of the Young Bukharans, including F. Khodzhaev, A. Kadyri, and A. Mukhitdinov, officially merged with the Communists in September 1920. They became members of the BPSR revolutionary government. A considerable number of right wing Young Bukharans joined the counter-revolutionary Basmachi Revolt, thus embarking on a path of struggle against Soviet power.

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