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The science of the cultivation of memory functions using systematic methods.



the various techniques of facilitating memorization and improving memory by forming artificial associations. For example, there is the well-known technique of memorizing the number 3.1415926536, expressing the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, by means of a couplet in which the number of letters in each successive word corresponds to the digit of the number being memorized.

Even in remote antiquity, people used first external aids (such as notches and knots), then internal aids (imagined concepts of objects and; actions) to facilitate memorization. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans sought to create a comprehensive system of mnemonic techniques. Mnemonics was little used during the Middle Ages. It was rediscovered in the 16th century, and in the 17th through 19th centuries mnemonic devices were quite popular. Interest in mnemonics has been lost in contemporary science and scholarship. Mnemonics is now only used by individuals to demonstrate the art of memorization attained through assiduous and prolonged training.


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Mnemonics enhance recall of stored information by providing a framework of retrieval cues associated with things the student already knows and understands.
For instance the mnemonic to help you remember the eight branches of the external carotid artery (in order starting with the first branch, the superior thyroid artery) goes like this: Sally Ann Likes Flirting On Philadelphia's Main Street.
Dr Chris Upton is looking for handy mnemonics to remember the emperors of Rome and the prime ministers of the 19th century Britain in time for next term at Newman College of Higher Education in Birmingham.
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Can you create 2 mnemonic sentences that will help everyone remember how to spell mathematics?
Although I would normally abhor the proliferation of mnemonics, codes, numbers, etc.
This includes OSX screen menu bar, key mappings and toolbars for OSX and native support for Windows XP "Alt-Activated" mnemonics.
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Pedagogical features include sample charts showing how to document findings, visual mnemonics for remembering difficult concepts, and knowledge-testing puzzles.
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