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town (1991 pop. 5,273), S Man., Canada, SW of Winnipeg. Located in an agricultural region, it has farm machinery and food- and fiber-processing plants. There is a government experimental farm in the town.
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Troy consulted his railway-guide, ordered his cab, and caught the next train to South Mord en.
Mord is a rebellious product of the Company: several stories tall, a towering mass of fur and gore and primal instinct, accompanied by smaller bears called Mord Proxies.
The workshop was addressed by other senior officers of MoRD namely Sri Sandeep Sharma, Deputy Director, NRLM; Sri KP Rajendran, Lead, Capacity Building; MsUsha Rani, Lead, IB & HR; Dr.
Mord, the vibe is much different, as it is clearly a time to unearth the many traditions that Finnish people living here can call upon to give them a small taste of their homeland.
Known internationally for their biggest DJ export Mord Fustang, the two young producers Alex and Lasha aim to follow firmly in his footsteps with many more official releases coming out this year already.
-- Miscellaneous Obligation Reimbursement Documents (MORDS) Recording anticipated orders using a MORD in the accounting system, which creates a budgetary resource, without a valid customer order is non-compliant and must cease:
"Moderne en vient a designer ce qui vous mord et non ce a quoi on souhaite mordre," writes Leiris.
Compiled data from various Annual Reports of MoRD, Govt.
Los cachorros mostraron una mayor frecuencia de actividades con la perra adoptiva (Figura 1) que con la madre biologica durante las sesiones de juego (test a dos colas Kolmogorov-Smirnov, [n.sub.MAdoptiva]: 12, [n.sub.MBiologica]: 12; CTAC: KS = 0,67; SALT: KS = 0,83; MORD: KS = 0,83; APLA: KS = 0,67; SACU: KS = 0,75; OLFA: KS = 0,67; para todas p = 0,01).
Or, les clubs attendent de vendre avant d'acheter, et c'est un peu le serpent qui se mord la queue."
...Oherwydd clochdar balch dy big A'th drem drahaus ar dir y Lord Mi fynnwn heno gael dy gig Yn rhost amheuthun ar fy mord A byw yn fras am hynny o dro Ar un a besgodd braster bro.