see MuallaqatMuallaqat
, Pre-Islamic Arabic anthology compiled by the scholar Hammad al Rawiya (d. c.775). comprised of poems that were written in gold letters and hung on the walls of the Kaaba in Mecca during annual fairs.
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These range from more subtle observations on aesthetics, such as the discussion of how Goethes command of the formal qualities of the seven lengthy poems making up the seminal, pre-Islamic Arabic collection of the Moallakat (Mu'allaqat) later influenced the Divan, particularly in his emulation of motifs known as nasib.
(4) In her book Goethe und die Arabische Welt, Katharina Mommsen gives a detailed account of Goethe's studies of a group of the pre-Islamic Arabic poem Moallakat, whose German translation and introduction by Anton Theodor Hartmann was the source of inspiration for Goethe's writing the poem "Hegira" (79-93).
Thus Katharina Mommsen' Goethe und die Moallakat (Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1960) is criticized for relating the poet's response to Anton Theodor Hartmann and ignoring his knowledge of William Jones's scholarly work.