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, d. 680, 1st Umayyad caliph (661–80), one of the greatest Muslim statesmen; son of Abu Sufyan, a Koreish tribesman of Mecca. He submitted to Islam the year of the surrender of Mecca and became Muhammad's secretary.
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Seif's two older brothers had respectively held the title in turn, with Moawiyah Saleh Al Shunnar at 15 years and a half and Ali Saleh Al Shunnar at 15 years and one month.
Both had previously held the title in turn, with Moawiyah Saleh Alshunnar reaching the summit aged 15-and-a-half, and Ali Saleh Alshunnar at age 15 years and 1 month.
17 (Petra)-- Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah inaugurated, Tuesday, the TIRAZ Exhibition: Ya Hafeth Ya Ameen, the collaboration between the collections of Widad Kawar and Sami Moawiyah Yousef, in an exhibition on protective silver adornments from Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and Oman.
The head of the Iraqi National Bloc of Yazidis minority Anwar Moawiyah added in the statement today that "the Yazidi rejects the statements made by Barzani regarding the annexation of the disputed territories, including Yazidi-s land and other those of other components such as Shabak, Turkmen and Assyrians to the Kurdistan region.
Moawiyah Ibrahim led a Kuwaiti-Jordanian team in 1978.
Gunmen loyal to Bilal Badr, a former member of the Islamist group Fatah al-Islam, attacked a post which was manned by Fatah gunmen in the Tiri neighborhood, killing Fatah field official Moawiyah Mazloum Haroun, sources in the camp said.
AoUm Rasas is a masterpiece of human creativity given the artistic and technical qualities of the mosaic floor of its churches,Ao with these words JordanAAEs representative to the World Heritage Committee Moawiyah Ibrahim described this magnificent historic site, which was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage in 2004.
Dubai: Fifteen-year-old Moawiyah Saleh Al Shunnar is believed to be the youngest Emirati to scale Africa's highest mountain.
Moawiyah recalled his father Saleh Al Shunnar suggesting that he join his group for the Kilimanjaro expedition.
Suzanne, who was the first Arab woman to climb Mount Everest and regularly undertakes Kilimanjaro expeditions besides conducting adventure tours through her firm Rahhalah Adventurers, confirmed that Moawiyah was the youngest Emirati to have climbed the peak.