Mobile Triton

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Mobile Triton

(Official name 82430MX) A version of Intel's Triton I processor chip set intended for mobile computers.

Mobile Triton consists of one 82437MX and two 82438MX.

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The Intel Mobile Triton Core Logic, EDO system and video
The system utilizes this Intel Mobile Triton chip-set, 256K cache, 12.
AMI) today unveiled AMIBIOS for the Intel Mobile Triton chipset, the first firmware to offer complete support for the Intel Mobile Triton's advanced features.
Additional advanced features on the AMIBIOS for the Intel Mobile Triton include EDO/Fast Page Memory DRAM capability up to 128MB, detailed write-back/write-through cache support, and integrated PCI-to- PCI bridge support.
All of these products are optimized for the Intel Mobile Triton chip set used on the Versa 6000 models.
The 4000's innovative design also maximizes the benefits of the Pentium processor with an Intel Mobile Triton System Controller Chipset.
In addition, the Mobile Triton Chipset will allow for easier CPU upgrades so users can speed up as chip technology does.
Utilizing Intel's PCI-based Mobile Triton chipset, the SoundBook CD offers support for Intel's Pentium TCP processor in 100, 120 and 133 MHz speeds, Extended Data Out (EDO) RAM and Pipelined Burst Cache.

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