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Model Parliament:

see ParliamentParliament,
legislative assembly of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Over the centuries it has become more than a legislative body; it is the sovereign power of Great Britain, whereas the monarch remains sovereign in name only.
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The Mock Parliament was held at the Walker Theatre in Winnipeg.
School teachers said the objective of the mock parliament was to familiarise students with parliamentarian functioning and language.
In October, the foundation will mark McClung's birthday by staging readings of McClung's written work that references the Mock Parliament.
Several MLAs even joined the mock parliament to offer guidance and enjoyed themselves as we did our best impersonations of their debates in Question Period.
AP: The mock parliament was only the second time we had ever been in the chamber, so it was still a very awe-inspiring experience in itself, but it was such a helpful experience.
But this cut no ice with a bunch of Opposition MPs who, unhappy with the " tiny pay hike" -- they wanted a 500 per cent hike -- ridiculed the Lok Sabha by turning it into an unprecedented mock Parliament for more than an hour.
Organ donation, water consumption and energy drinks were the key topics at this mock parliament, which brought together students from more than 30 CEGEPs.
Second, a Mock Parliament Day was initiated, giving Interns the opportunity to emulate and experience the political process from the position of an MLA.
A Mock Parliament for History and Political Science Teachers took place at the National Assembly on October 22,1994 in conjunction with the 32nd congress of the Societe des professeurs d'histoire du Quebec, held in Quebec City.
Top party sources told M AIL T ODAY that at the recently concluded Bhubaneswar national executive meet, Modi suggested that the party to hold mock parliaments involving the youth to identify its spokespersons.
Included in the analysis are the closet dramas of Sarah Anne Curzon, the mock parliaments of the suffragists, the plays of Kate Simpson Hayes, and the comedies of Clara Rothwell Anderson--a sampler of the dominant genres chosen by women at the time.
He added that during his monthly radio address, 'Mann Ki Baat' in December, he had called for organising mock parliaments in all the districts.