Model Parliament

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Model Parliament:

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legislative assembly of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Over the centuries it has become more than a legislative body; it is the sovereign power of Great Britain, whereas the monarch remains sovereign in name only.
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Since June 8, participants of the OSCE Youth Model Parliament programme have been working with trainers to learn more about representative government and parliamentary democracy in the country, developing their skills in debating, leadership, team-building, conflict management and public speaking.
The NYA is a model parliament for the countys youth from diverse backgrounds, collaborating each other to imagine what they would do if they were the members of the parliament.
Pluchino and colleagues developed a computer simulation, in which they studied the behaviour of politicians when randomly selected independents were introduced to a model parliament.
The first Parliament is often considered to be the Model Parliament in 1295, which included church leaders, earls, barons, and representatives of the shires and boroughs.
OUR BIG DAY: Lancastrians across the world celebrated yesterday by wearing the Red Rose and raising their glasses to 'The Queen, Duke of Lancaster.' November 27 is Lancashire Day and marks the anniversary of the date in 1295 when Edward I summoned Lancashire's first elected representatives to the Model Parliament in Westminster.
The Model Parliament begged the whole question of what a Parliament is for.
The week culminated in a model parliament with all students participating.
The annual Lancashire Day celebration takes place on the anniversary of the date in 1295 when Edward I summoned Lancashire's first elected representatives to the Model Parliament in Westminster.
Neufchatel Secondary School's student model parliament is a leader in its field.
The participants came to the capital, met with their MLAs, chose a Premier and Cabinet from among themselves, and then worked with Legislative Assembly staff to prepare for a model parliament. Jane Groenewegen, Deputy Speaker and Member for Hay River South, presided over the deliberations in the House, noting the enthusiasm and hard work of the elders who took part.
If we ever get this model parliament up and running the inscription I am going to put over the entrance is Intrate peratus (Enter Prepared).
Likewise, when Edward I summoned the 'Model Parliament' eighty years later, in 1295, he needed more taxes to fund his campaigns against the Scots, including William Wallace.

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