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been to make is modern some It will have a very modern style but will keep the historic feel, which is very important.
It's an interesting parallel, because jazz came in at the same time as the Modern style in architecture, and both have continued, but with convolutions and changes of style, up to the present time.
The compact was created as "an example of modern style and a modern lifestyle," according to Luxe Pack organizers.
The elegant eatery dates from 1959, when it opened in another area of Santiago, and is known for its modern style.
The company is hoping the range, launched in modern style 400g jars, will inject new momentum into a sector which it says is lacking in innovation.
s hip Planet Salon, Ginger Boyle, to break out her protractor and do some beauty math: "This playful and modern style looks great on girls with round or square faces, and who have medium to thick coarse hair.
Asked to develop a new retail image to launch a pivotal new design direction for the House of Ferragamo's new West Coast flagship store, we created an interior architecture and system of display that offers an updated yet classic look synonymous with the family's definition of modern style.
The editor gave some editorial revision to provide a modern style, but the messages are Taylor's words.
Or do they chronicle the development of a modern style of church leadership?
This very laid back singer/songwriter plays a superb guitar to traditional and modern style, and is at home in either a show or country music venue.
But despite reinterpreting the works of great composers for Pieces In A Modern Style, he is not eligible for the classical charts.