Moderne Style

Art Moderne

An architectural style found principally in houses constructed in the 1930s, following the earlier Art Deco style. Common characteristics may include smooth stuccoed wall surfaces; flat roofs; architectural details that emphasize the horizontal appearance of the building; rounded exterior corners; ribbon windows that may continue around a corner; glass blocks; an asymmetrical façade. The jagged version of this style is sometimes called Zigzag Moderne. Also see International style. Compare with Art Deco and Streamline Moderne.
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The high school in Priest River was built by the WPA in 1940 and is in the Art Moderne style. Closer to home, Boise High School is great example of Neo Classical architecture.
The Elmdon building is a 1930s' Moderne style' terminal.
Department of the Interior describes the building as an excellent example of a pre-World War II meatpacking plant constructed in the Moderne style to meet the evolving industry standards of beef slaughter and packaging.
Alexis de Sakhnoffsky, known as the inventor of the Streamline Moderne style, designed the lavish deco interior; Gordon B.
Budji+Royal Architecture+Design firm rendered its signature Tropical Moderne style, characterized by understated elegance, coziness and nubby and organic textures.
2| Fifty-seven individual clear and green pieces of mirrored glass are set in a hand-wrought frame finished in Renaissance gold for Cailloux by Christopher Guy, a piece inspired by Art Moderne style but decidedly contemporary (price on request).
Located just east of the High Line and across from the Standard Hotel, the six-story office and retail building at 837 Washington Street will feature a four-story glass and steel addition built atop an existing two-story 1938 Moderne style warehouse.
It is also considered to be a rare and good example of a 1930s streamlined Moderne style cinema with well executed decorative detailing.
Art deco's interest in hand-crafted, limited edition pieces was a problem to modernist designers, and their criticisms brought about a change to the moderne style. They argued design should be for everyone, not just the wealthy and this meant accepting the machine to provide designs.
The new building mass is set back from the historic facade, stepping back in order to reduce bulk and create private terraces, and features the horizontal curved forms, strong vertical elements, and detailing of the Streamline Moderne style. Two levels of underground parking serve the residential units and the commercial/retail spaces.
Aaron Ellis said he is looking for a tenant to lease 5,000 square feet in the art moderne style building, which was declared a city historic landmark in 1986.
It will be a collection of three elegant mid-rise buildings of condominiums and lofts and 46 single-family, island homes that reflect the Art Moderne style of Miami Beach.