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The top attraction on display was the new package produced by machine model T4 Modula.
The local market is witnessing a growing demand for high-end, custom-made wall and floor finishes," says Kavita Bahadur, managing partner at Modula Conceptio.
To view the website or to contact Modula 8 Recruitment please go to http://www.
COROB branded tinting machines: GIANT, MODULA, TATOCOLOR, BANCO
Okakomisi kOkuxwe-popaleka Eeveta nOmapendulepo (LRDC) oka ningile oihongi yopaitukulwa meenhele 19 moNamibia modula 1996 no 1997 osho yo oshihongi shopashiwana modula 1997 opo va pwilikine omadiladilo ovanhu vamwe ovo ye litula mo moshinima eshi shomahepeko omo-maumbo.
From the experiments the dynamic modula (G[prime] and E[prime]) for the pure PEEK and PEI and for the 20/80 blend were evaluated.
The Modula Executive plugs into your CPU and comes complete with a keyboard, 10.
a renowned manufacturer of high-performance computers and personal technology, announced that it will be producing the MODULA, limitless modular HD multimedia OLED & Plasma Professional Display System.
T4 Modula, the novelty of 2o12 presented by Tecnomeccanica, is able to produce the most attractive teabag of all: a "double chamber" without the metal staple, which conceals the excess string used to secure the paper behind the tag, is much more elegant than your everyday tea bag.
Co-founder Peter Kuhar, CTO, previously developed low power wireless devices with Modula and secure mobile payments with Halcom, among others.
Italian resin flooring pioneer Mino Longo recently visited Dubai to work on a private villa at Palm Jumeirah and showcased his work at interior boutique Modula Conceptio.