Modular Thermal Electric Power Plant

Modular Thermal Electric Power Plant


an electric power plant consisting of separate power units—for example, boiler-turbine-generator-transformer units—that form an engineering group for the production of electric power. In modular electric power plants there are generally no cross connections between the main pipes of the individual power units for either steam or water. The steam turbine group of a power unit can obtain steam from one (single block) or two (double block) boiler groups, with which it is connected by pipes for live steam, reheated superheated steam, and feed water. The modular principle, which was laid down as a basis for the thermal and electrical designs of electric power plants, is expanding into the structural portion: the boiler-turbine unit is located in its own structural cell. The number of cells is a multiple of the number of units. The modular design, since it is simpler and more economical than other approaches, is being extensively utilized for all recently constructed thermal condensation electric power plants.


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