Modular system

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Modular system

A method of designing or constructing buildings and equipment in which standardized modules are widely used.
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modular system, modular design

A method of designing or constructing buildings and equipment in which modules are widely used.
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VIBES Modular ( is recognized as the design and engineering firm for premium products that deliver unprecedented modular systems for smartphones with their ROXON (TM) modular smartphone system, including multiple interchangeable lifestyle/work products for different mobile phones.
Dubai-based BKG Modular Systems, a division of BK Gulf, is at the forefront of modular construction and the company claims it is the UAE's leading supplier dedicated to the off-site fabrication of MEP services.
* Model SPD130DLX--A medium capacity, modular system, resistant to aggressive solvents used in combinatorial chemistry applications, including TFA and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO).
Three recent healthcare projects where modular systems were introduced serve as examples of the applicability of this solution in various settings:
However, Pakistan Association of Private Medical and Dental Institutions (PAMI) General Secretary Khaqan Waheed Khawaja claimed that medical education could not develop in Pakistan unless a modular system is introduced.
New in the modular system are the micro-separating bridges, the catches of which guarantee a firm hold even with side fixtures.
This product is a modular system that utilizes aluminum extrusion and can be built to include either laminated printed graphics for long-term durability or dye sublimation printed fabric graphics for active event branding.
While building a modular system is seldom as straightforward as building a system from boxes, it is very satisfying to build a system that exactly fits your needs.
BASF's Kollicoat IR Coating Systems are an innovative modular system of seven base colors.
The company opted to install a modular system, rather than a traditional system, on the paved terrace adjacent to its 9th floor offices, providing an additional 700 square feet of usable space without increasing the rent.
Gewurzmuller presented at IFFA a modular system for "Clean Label" products and a natural antioxidant from oregano.

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