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in Greek religion and mythology, three goddesses who controlled human lives; also called the Moerae or Moirai. They were: Clotho, who spun the web of life; Lachesis, who measured its length; and Atropos, who cut it.
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Dan Welcher: The Moerae, a Fantasy for flute, oboe, bassoon, and piano; Alvin Etler: Woodwind Quintet No.
They are the Fates, the Moerae, the Parcae, or the Norns, the third of whom is called Atropos, the inexorable (296).
He holds stock in and is a shareholder of Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Circulat Biotech, Dexcom, Ideal Life, Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Moerae Matrix, and Tandem Diabetes Care.