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Muslim empire of India: see MughalMughal
or Mogul
, Muslim empire in India, 1526–1857. The dynasty was founded by Babur, a Turkic chieftain who had his base in Afghanistan. Babur's invasion of India culminated in the battle of Panipat (1526) and the occupation of Delhi and Agra.
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a type of steam locomotive with a wheel arrangement of two leading wheels, six driving wheels, and no trailing wheels


a mound of hard snow on a ski slope


1. a member of the Muslim dynasty of Indian emperors established by Baber in 1526
2. a Muslim Indian, Mongol, or Mongolian
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But in 1765 they received a Farman from the Moghul emperor that allowed them to collect taxes from the territories they controlled.
The historical show, also starring actors Ronit Roy and Shabana Azmi, has been adapted from Alex Rutherford's six-volume historic fiction novel Empire of the Moghul.
In spite much advancement, the final form of sari that we see today, came only by the influence of Moghul period as they had perfected the art of stitching with their royal riches and absolute power.
The blinding in 17BB of the Moghul Emperor Shah Alam ll [d.1806] is one of the most tragic events of South Asian Muslim history.
"In fact, more than a third of his army and half his most trusted generals were Muslim and he had also adopted the Moghul court dress as his own.
An incident is very frequently cited from Bakhshish Singh Nijjar's book titled, 'Punjab under the Later Moghuls'.
Was it because people became absorbed in Hindu practices, rituals, and mythology and caste supremacy or, was it the Moghul invasions, or could it have been the failure of Bhikkus to sustain the great philosophy itself?
"The Moghuls not only excelled in the arts, culture, poetry and literature but also in India left a far-reaching effect on history in the admiration of food and wine.
Rogan Josh was brought to India by the Moghuls. The unrelenting heat of the Indian plains took the Moghuls frequently to Kashmir, which is where the first Indian adoption of Rogan Josh occurred.
Built in 1631 by the Moghuls and their emperor Shah Jahan to memorialize his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, this architectural wonder took thousands of people to create it and to maintain its beauty.
His legacy was most obvious in the Moghuls' Indian empire yet in life he joined Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan 'in the trio of the world's greatest conquerors'.
The event at St John's House Museum, Warwick, from 7.30pm, will see keeper of natural history, Steve Falk, present a slide show and talk called Moghuls and Mynahs.