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(mō`hō) or

Mohorovičić discontinuity

(mō'hōrō`vəchĭch): see earthearth,
in geology and astronomy, 3rd planet of the solar system and the 5th largest, the only planet definitely known to support life. Gravitational forces have molded the earth, like all celestial bodies, into a spherical shape.
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(or Wuchi), the general name for a group of Tungus tribes that inhabited the territory of Manchuria and the Southern Primor’e from the fifth to the eighth centuries. A number of scholars maintain that the Moho assimilated and drove out the aboriginal Paleo-Asiatic inhabitants. In Chinese sources, the term “Moho” was used as a general name for the Sumo, Poty, Anch’eku, Funieh, Haoshi, Heishui, Paishan, and Yüehhsi tribes, whose clan systems were at different stages of disintegration. Plow cultivation, livestock breeding, hunting, fishing, pottery-making, metalworking, and weaving were well developed among the Moho.

The Moho were united in a tribal alliance. They often fought on the side of the Korean Koguryo kingdom in wars against China. At the turn of the eighth century the most developed tribe, the Sumo, founded the Chen kingdom, which became the Pohai kingdom in 712; almost all of the Moho tribes became members of this kingdom.


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Mohorovičić discontinuity
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Scott [15] created Part 3 and Part 4, therefore creating RCV2: QP, which measures quality of performance, or a self-rating of satisfaction, to include the final construct from MOHO, performance capacity.
Hess, however, had another possible theory: The Moho, he said, could be the result of water released from the rising hot mantle as it cooled near the surface.
El porcentaje de moho en el pedunculo de la fruta sin procesar fue mayor que en fruta procesada en todos los meses para ambas zonas (Figura 7).
9) and is used as a template to model the geometry of the crust down to Moho. The seismic data allow us to constrain the depth and lateral geometry of the Moho and the intra-crustal layers.
Poco a poco, en casi todos los capitulos, a semejanza del teatro clasico donde la accion se desenvuelve en un dia, Constanza va viendo el crecimiento de la mancha hora tras hora: primero con cierto estupor, despues con una especie de duda inquieta acerca de su verdadero significado, temiendo que la invasion progresiva del moho sea una realidad irreversible.
Since their first live performance at Moho in Manchester in March 2010, the band have become popular regulars on ESPN football show Talk of the Terrace, playing their debut single Slip and Dive in February 2011, and were invited back later the same year to perform follow-up release Off Our Heads.
Tipo de Cepa Medio de Caracteristicas muestra aislamiento morfologicas de la colonia Agua 5JA-500-1MK Kwon Moho rugoso, pulvurulento con exhudado.
RIOT Jazz celebrates its third birthday on March 10 at Manchester's Moho Live.
Although Morency and Doin (2004) discussed the effect of the Moho temperature on the development of delamination, they did not analyze the crustal deformation resulting from this process nor investigated causes for the increased Moho temperature other than crust thickness.
Para el no habia medias tintas: los aguaceros caian recio, la tapa de las conservas tenia que apretarse recio-recio, para que no se llenaran de moho, y la miel estaba recia, pero se suavizaba a bano Maria.
Tener baja humedad provoca la aparicion de electricidad estatica y la humedad alta origina la aparicion de moho en los componentes.