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(mō`hō) or

Mohorovičić discontinuity

(mō'hōrō`vəchĭch): see earthearth,
in geology and astronomy, 3rd planet of the solar system and the 5th largest, the only planet definitely known to support life. Gravitational forces have molded the earth, like all celestial bodies, into a spherical shape.
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(or Wuchi), the general name for a group of Tungus tribes that inhabited the territory of Manchuria and the Southern Primor’e from the fifth to the eighth centuries. A number of scholars maintain that the Moho assimilated and drove out the aboriginal Paleo-Asiatic inhabitants. In Chinese sources, the term “Moho” was used as a general name for the Sumo, Poty, Anch’eku, Funieh, Haoshi, Heishui, Paishan, and Yüehhsi tribes, whose clan systems were at different stages of disintegration. Plow cultivation, livestock breeding, hunting, fishing, pottery-making, metalworking, and weaving were well developed among the Moho.

The Moho were united in a tribal alliance. They often fought on the side of the Korean Koguryo kingdom in wars against China. At the turn of the eighth century the most developed tribe, the Sumo, founded the Chen kingdom, which became the Pohai kingdom in 712; almost all of the Moho tribes became members of this kingdom.


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Mohorovičić discontinuity
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The tale of the Moho really begins in 1909, when Mohorovicic detected differences in sound waves reverberating off a horizontal line in the Earth--"just the way an echo reflects off the wall of a canyon," Dick said.
The calculated model shows a Moho dipping uniformly [approximately equal to] 1[degrees] to the north (Fig.
Moho concentrate," entonces recurre a la ficha dermatologica y descubre que se trata de un hongo llamado cladosporium; (7) pero la lucidez no basta, y desde lo mas profundo de su memoria emerge a la superficie y frente al espectaculo de esa "intima vegetacion enemiga," el recuerdo de las imagenes del fabuloso reino animal del Bosco, (8) observadas en su infancia en un internado; esta evocacion la sumerge en un universo de seres fantasticos (23-25) y pronto se da cuenta de que "el moho me llegaba ya hasta la pantorrilla" (26).
Identificacion de cepas: Los mohos aislados fueron identificados mediante ensayos microbiologicos estandares y aplicando el sistema Sacardo (Barnett & Hunter 1998) para hongos imperfectos.
This is in agreement with the statement by Morency and Doin (2004) that high Moho viscosities inhibit delamination propagation.
Los resultados se evaluaron segun: a) el tiempo que tardaban las probetas de madera para alcanzar 56 [grados]C; b) los defectos y danos observables en las probetas; c) presencia de hongos de moho en las probetas almacenadas luego del tratamiento termico.
Moho Nord Marine-4 was drilled to a total depth of 13,907 feet and proved a 535 foot column of high-quality oil flowing at 8,100 barrels per day.
They remind you that the entire world is connected together through salt water and fish communities, that miles of nothingness are really filled by sparkly water and a hundred different ecosystems, that the eastward view from Moho Cay wasn't all that different from the westward view from San Francisco and the water tastes about the same.
Subsequent areal mapping of the Moho discontinuity depth using seismic waves generated by industrial explosions confirmed the unusually thin crust of the Ore Mts.
The group is working in partnership with the nonprofit organization Committed Partners for Youth, the Hoodoo Mountain Ski Area and the city of Eugene's Multi-Cultural Outdoor High School Opportunities program, or MOHO, to bring 10 lucky teens to the slopes on three different dates.
Se despejo a la escuela, en la medida de lo posible, de probables causantes de ataques de asma, como polvo, moho, cucarachas y vapores fuertes emitidos por la pintura o por sustancias quimicas.