Moin, Mohammad

Moin, Mohammad


Born 1913, in Rasht; died July 4, 1971, in Tehran. Iranian linguist and literary specialist. Expert on the mythology and languages of ancient and medieval Iran. A former professor at the University of Tehran.

Moin was the author of a three-volume grammar of contemporary Persian (1953) and a four-volume dictionary of Persian (Farhang-e Farsi, 1963–68). He also edited a four-volume encyclopedic dictionary of Persian (Borkhan-e Qate, 1951–57). He edited and published many works by Persian classical writers.

Moin’s works were devoted to individual poets and writers, philosophy, and the languages and literature of the ancient and classical periods. These works include The Resourceful and Witty Poet Hafez (1940), Mazdaism and Persian Literature (1947), and Amir Khosrow Dehlavi (1952).


Abd al-Hamid Khalkhali. Tazkirae shoaraie moasere Iran, vol. 2. Tehran, 1337 A. H. (1958).
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